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1. What is the reward and who pays for it?
After your item has been safely returned to you, ReturnMe will reward the finder with a $50 gift pack of ReturnMe products. You may also chose to give an additional reward (monetary, gift etc) to the finder, however this is completely optional and at your discretion. Please note that the $50 ReturnMe gift pack reward only applies on tags with active VIP service. For tags with Basic service, ReturnMe still offers a $20 ReturnMe gift pack reward.

2.  What is the difference between ReturnMe’s BASIC and VIP service?
BASIC service: when your lost item is found and reported to ReturnMe, you will be emailed the information of the finder and can arrange to pick up your item from the finder. All ReturnMe tags come with lifetime BASIC service for no additional charge ever.

VIP service: when your lost item is found and reported to ReturnMe, a dedicated ReturnMe recovery agent will work around the clock to ensure your item is returned back to you as quickly as possible using UPS or FedEx next day express at NO charge to you from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to meet the finder or offer any reward offering a complete secure and confidential solution. Your VIP tags will also be guaranteed for any damage, crack or fading with a free replacement and you will also receive the latest special offers as a VIP member.

In most cases, all tags include lifetime BASIC Recovery Service with complementary VIP Recovery Service for the first 12 months upon activation. The ReturnMe Digital Tag app generally comes with 2 months of free VIP followed by lifetime BASIC service. To see your tag(s) service level simply login and click on Recovery Tag Management.

3. How much does it cost to continue VIP service
You can renew any of your ReturnMe tags to VIP at any time by logging in to your account and clicking Recovery Tag Management. Have peace of mind VIP for only $4.49 per tag per year. You will be reminded via email if any of your tags with VIP are about to expire, at that time you can chose to renew your VIP service or change to BASIC service at absolutely no charge to you, ever.

4. Does ReturnMe’s service work worldwide?

Absolutely, finders outside North America contact us through www.Return.Me. We contact the owner immediately. Depending on where the owner and the item are, we help arrange the most sensible return of the item as quickly as possible.

5. How do I update my contact information?
We encourage you to keep your contact information current as well as manage your recovery tag profile. Simply login or download the ReturnMe APP to manage your account and tags.

6. What's my order status?

Once you place your order, your order is shipped in 2-3 business days via Canada Post ground mail. For Canadian orders allow 4-6 business days. For USA orders allow 7-10 business days. For International orders allow 12-20 business days. You can check your order status by logging in and clicking "My Account".

7. Why should I use ReturnMe recovery tags?
Millions of customers from around the world use ReturnMe to protect their valuables. Check out out testimonials for more!
8. What if my tag breaks or fades?
ReturnMe is committed in providing our customers with the best products and service. All ReturnMe Recovery Tags come with a 5 year warranty. If your tag cracks, fades or breaks within 5 years please login to your account and click on REPLACE TAG to get your free replacement. Please note your tag ID will be deactivated from our system once you request a replacement tag.  

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