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  I dropped my iPhone 4S from my pant pocket at night in an Open park. I spent hours looking for it, as I was worried about all my information being used. Then 2 days later I received a call from a ReturnMe agent. They immediately contacted ...  

Mohnish,Ottawa, Ontario

  Without this service, there would have been no other way for the person to return my phone. It has proved to be a valuable service and I would recommend it to anyone.  

Manu, Toronto

  I lost my keys while at Disney World with my family. I didn’t even realize they went missing until you called me. Amazing service, i’m a customer for life  

Martha, Chicago

  My blackberry is my life :( , i'm so happy I put one of your products on it, don't know what i would have done if i had lost it, thanks again!  

Andrew, California

  I am shocked and happy I got my cell phone back so quickly. I wish i would have had your service years ago.  

Amanda, New Mexico

  To whom it may concern; I received a luggage and key tag at a tradeshow with your service on it, a good thing I attached it to my luggage before heading back home, thanks so much for helping the airline locate my lost carry on bag.  

Isabelle, Boston

  You guys ROCK  

Julia, London

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