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ReturnMe selected as one of the best new products at the Travel Goods Show!

By: Heather Newgen

I’m that person that frequently loses my keys and anything else that isn’t in my sight constantly. So when I heard about ReturnMe–cool tags that allow others to help you find your missing things, I knew I had to check it out.

So how does it work? Suhail Niazi, Founder of ReturnMe explains.

“Each tag says return me for award, has a toll free number, website and code on it. So when the customer gets it, they go online and activate the code with their name and number. It takes 30 seconds and that’s how we know who it belongs to. In the unfortunate event that you do lose an item, the person who finds it can call the toll free number. We have agents 24/7 and once we know the code then we will either arrange to have the item shipped back to the owner or connect them to the find and they can pick it up themselves. We’re like a proactive lost and found concierge service. We help people get back their lost items.”

He added, “We have retail products on our website and the finder gets a $40 voucher that they can use on our site. They can protect their own items for free.”
I need 100 of these tags so I can put them on everything I own.

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Lost and Found: The Challenges of Finding Your Lost or Stolen Phone

Our phone has become such a fixture in our day-to-day activities that we can sometimes feel naked without it. This great infographic by Visually shows what are your chances of getting back you cellphone depending where you lose it. By the way, you can increase these chances by adding a ReturnMe Tag to your cellphone. Our recovery rate is over 80%. 

Lost and Found: The Challenges of Finding Your Lost or Stolen Phone

From Visually.


 How to make sure your luggage always arrives FIRST on the airport carousel

Checking your bag in last means your bag is loaded onto the plane first, and as everyone knows, last in means first out

AIRPORTS have plenty of irritating traits, but waiting for your bag to appear on the luggage carousel long after everyone else’s is one of the worst. It’s one of the main reasons, aside from cost, why people stuff an entire week’s belongings into a tiny carry-on suitcase. There is one way to increase your chances of your bag coming onto the luggage carousel first – check in last

But according to the experts, there is one way to increase your chances of your bag coming off the plane first – check in last. Thomas Lo Sciuto, a ramp worker and gate agent at a regional airport in the US, reckons that this means your bag is loaded onto the plane first.

And everyone knows that last in means first out – but in this case that’s actually a good thing.

He said on Quora: “Bags will always be loaded front to back on the bag carts, so if you check in last your bags will be in the last bag cart. Bags will always be loaded front to back on the bag carts, so if you check in last your bags will be in the last bag cart. “This will make them the last on the aircraft, and the first off the aircraft at your destination. “The same logic goes for the other end. If they are the first off the aircraft they will most likely be the first on the bag carts and then the first to be unloaded at baggage claim.” Passengers can also improve their odds by buying a First or Business Class seat or getting a special status with the airline by joining their frequent flyers club, which will get them a “Priority” tag.

Of course – the best way to guarantee that you aren’t waiting for the carousel though, is to take hand luggage only.

Source:  Caroline McGuire, Digital Travel Editor, 30th October 2017 - The Sun


Why we keep losing our keys?

You've put your keys somewhere and now they appear to be nowhere, certainly not in the basket by the door they're supposed to go in and now you're 20 minutes late for work. Kitchen counter, night stand, book shelf, work bag: Wait, finally, there they are under the mail you brought in last night.

Losing things is irritating and yet we are a forgetful people. The average person misplaces up to nine items a day, and one-third of respondents in a poll said they spend an average of 15 minutes each day searching for items—cellphones, keys and paperwork top the list, according to an online survey of 3,000 people published in 2012 by a British insurance company.

Everyday forgetfulness isn't a sign of a more serious medical condition like Alzheimer's or dementia. And while it can worsen with age, minor memory lapses are the norm for all ages, researchers say.

Our genes are at least partially to blame, experts say. Stress, fatigue, and multitasking can exacerbate our propensity to make such errors.
Source: WSJ



New Online Store - A smart, safe and secure way to get ReturnMe tags

We are happy to announce the launch of our new ReturnMe Store. Experience a better and easier way to protect your keys, wallet, cellphone, bags, and beloved pets with ReturnMe tags. You can now access the ReturnMe store from any device and have the same great experience. 


IMPORTANT: the first 100 customers get a 40% OFF on our entire store!

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ReturnMe community sharing their experiences




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The new emoji tags are here



Protect your keys, backpack or any mobile device with the new emoji tag's collection. The poo guy, the unicorn or the meh face can now save your day from losing any of your valuables. Watch our new video and inspire yourself with a new fun way to tag your items.


My travel bag was found in Winnipeg while I was at Toronto airport - A story of a pilot


I am a pilot with Jazz Air, a regional subsidiary of Air Canada. Making a long story short, my bag was taken (mistakenly?) off the baggage cart in Toronto, and the passenger proceeded to their flight to Winnipeg. They must have realized they had the wrong bag and placed it somewhere in the baggage hall in Winnipeg, and continued on their way.

I don t know the details as to how the bag was found, but the person took out my keys and placed the call to ReturnMe, and I believe Sam Jackson, took on the case. As it turns out, my bag was brand new, and I had not yet put any address/personal information on it. The only article on or in that bag that could possibly match it to me, was the ReturnMe key tag. Knowing how the lost unmarked baggage system recovery works with the airlines, I know if they would have found it, it would have been on the order of many days or weeks, before I would have recovered my bag.

As it turns out, Sam and the ReturnMe team, made the experience seamless and a virtual non-event. He took my information and assured me he would be personally tracking my bag and would provide hourly updates. I asked that they simply bring the bag to the Air Canada baggage counter, with my personal information, and they would get it back to me. By that time, I was in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. I received my bag at 8 am the next morning.

I have let all my friends and colleagues know about my experience and the positive, professional manner in which it was handled.

My deepest thanks once again, and wishing much-continued success,

Darrell Chisholm

Captain Jazz Air