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My travel bag was found in Winnipeg while I was at Toronto airport - A story of a pilot


I am a pilot with Jazz Air, a regional subsidiary of Air Canada. Making a long story short, my bag was taken (mistakenly?) off the baggage cart in Toronto, and the passenger proceeded to their flight to Winnipeg. They must have realized they had the wrong bag and placed it somewhere in the baggage hall in Winnipeg, and continued on their way.

I don t know the details as to how the bag was found, but the person took out my keys and placed the call to ReturnMe, and I believe Sam Jackson, took on the case. As it turns out, my bag was brand new, and I had not yet put any address/personal information on it. The only article on or in that bag that could possibly match it to me, was the ReturnMe key tag. Knowing how the lost unmarked baggage system recovery works with the airlines, I know if they would have found it, it would have been on the order of many days or weeks, before I would have recovered my bag.

As it turns out, Sam and the ReturnMe team, made the experience seamless and a virtual non-event. He took my information and assured me he would be personally tracking my bag and would provide hourly updates. I asked that they simply bring the bag to the Air Canada baggage counter, with my personal information, and they would get it back to me. By that time, I was in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. I received my bag at 8 am the next morning.

I have let all my friends and colleagues know about my experience and the positive, professional manner in which it was handled.

My deepest thanks once again, and wishing much-continued success,

Darrell Chisholm

Captain Jazz Air