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Luggage tag

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Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, lost luggage will definitely ruin your trip! ReturnMoi protects your luggage from loss anywhere in the world. ReturnMoi luggage tags are clearly visible, made out of PVC plastic that is difficult to tear or rip and are waterproof. Most importantly, airport lost and found luggage departments can now easily contact ReturnMoi to let us know your luggage has been found. Confidential and secure as your name, number and address are not printed on the tag like conventional luggage tags. ReturnMoi has helped hundreds of people locate their lost luggage so they can let go of the frustration and get back to enjoying their trip.

Protect and identify your personal items today before they are gone forever tomorrow!


Price: $10.99

Product and service includes

  • 1 Luggage Tag (45mm x 80mm)
  • 1 Elastic strap
  • FREE worldwide shipping on found item
  • 24/7 Global Lost & Found service & support
  • Unlimited number of recoveries
  • Lifetime registration (NO Annual fees)
  • ReturnMoi reward to finder ($50 gift pack)

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