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Universal Tag

This Universal Decal is great for almost anything! Various sizes to fit virtually any electronics, wallet, passport, sports equipment, chargers or anything you can stick it on!
Protect and identify your valuable items today before they are gone forever tomorrow!

With ReturnMe's VIP service, have peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated recovery agent who
will arrange to pick up your lost item, package it and have it shipped back to you from anywhere
in the world (Express next day shipping) at NO CHARGE to you. Safe, Secure & Confidential!
VIP Service includes
- FREE Worldwide next day Express shipping
- Instant email and phone notification of your lost item
- 24/7 Dedicated ReturnMe Recovery Agent Assistance
- ReturnMe reward to finder ($50 gift card)
- Free Tag Replacement Warranty
- Exclusive Special Offers for Additional Return.Me Products

Continue VIP Service for only $4.99 per year or stay with BASIC service and pay nothing ever again.


Price: $8.99

You get 

- 1 Vinyl Laminated Label Tag

ReturnMe's BASIC service which Includes:

- Life-Time registration (NO Annual fees, one time cost)

- Unlimited number of recoveries

- Instant email notification of your lost item

- ReturnMe reward to finder ($20 gift card)

- BONUS: Get ReturnMe's VIP Service for the first 12 months

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