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Pet Tag

Superior protection for you and your pet for just a few pennies a week.

That’s right, only a few pennies a week for peace of mind knowing both you and your pet are safe with ReturnMe, the World's Largest Lost & Found Company. Create your pet's very own profile with valuable information such as emergency contact information, vet information, pet's name, age, medical conditions and much more. Pet owners: you can rest assured that if they go missing while being protected by ReturnMe pet tags, your pet's chance of getting home safely increases by more than 90%. Protect your pet today!

With ReturnMe's VIP service for pet tag, have peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated recovery agent who will contact you as soon as your pet is found. Your dedicate recovery agent will also be able to contact any emergency contacts or the vet if your not available or your pet is injured. Safe, Secure & Confidential!

VIP Service includes
- Instant email and phone notification when your pet is found
- Posts to shelters within a 25 mile radius of your lost pet
- 24/7 Dedicated ReturnMe Recovery Agent Assistance
- ReturnMe reward to finder ($50 gift card)
- Free Tag Replacement Warranty 
- Exclusive Special Offers for Additional Return.Me Products


Continue VIP Service for only $4.99 per year or stay with BASIC service and pay nothing ever again.


Price: $6.99

You get 

1 Premium Quality Metal Pet ag, epoxy domed on both sides 

ReturnMe's BASIC service which Includes:

- Life-Time registration (NO Annual fees, one time cost)

- Unlimited number of recoveries

- Instant email notification when your pet is found

- ReturnMe reward to finder ($20 gift card)

- BONUS: Get ReturnMe's VIP Service for the first 12 months

Watch video here here

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